About Us

Premium Chill was conceptualized to solve a problem. What to do about bulky and heavy traditional water bottles? The unique bagged water system is the new way to buy water.  An outer bag with a handle makes for easy transport and handling, much lighter than a traditional big bottle.  The outer bag also ensures that the inner bag is kept sanitized.  Simply pop it into the cooler specifically designed to hold bags or purchase a simple adaptor to convert any regular water cooler.  Water is cold within 30 seconds, another unique feature of Premium Chill water coolers.

The water industry will be forever changed by this new system. No bulky and difficult to clean jugs to lug around.  The bagged system means it can be manufactured for a fraction of the price, passing the savings along to consumers.  Clean, sanitary bagged water for home, office…. camping, emergencies… anywhere you need access to clean water, this is the answer!

To create a portable system, we offer a countertop cooler or a spike that makes the bags practical in any situation.  The bags are BPA free and recyclable.

  • No more returns
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient, easy to handle
  • Recyclable

Founder, Ken Nicolle, has decades of experience in all aspects of the water industry and created the bagger and bagged water system as a practical solution to issues that have plagued the water industry since traditional bottles hit the market.  This new way to buy water will remedy troubling issues, creating a competitive option that will change the way people buy water.

Recipient of the NSF Excellence Award