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The Premium chill Packaging system challenges the water industry to eliminate the water bottle used for decades to transport and dispense safe drinking water for home, office and industrial use.

Premium chill Packaging saw these water bottles were cumbersome, expensive to manufacturer and difficult to maintain. They were as expensive to transport empty as they were full and they had to be refillable to recoup the initial costs from the manufacturer. When they get back to the bottler they need to be sanitized before being refilled.

Thousands of gallons of water is needed for cleaning and it goes right down the drain along with the pollutants used to clean the bottles. Storage at the bottlers and at the customers takes up thousands of square feet regardless if they are full or empty. People use the bottles for all kinds of things from ashtrays to piggy banks before returning them to the bottler, creating a chance of contaminants surviving the cleaning process. The removal of the water bottle would reduce the industry eco-footprint in a very large way at the same time protecting the consumer from potentially contaminated water.

Ken Nicolle, the owner of Premium chill Packaging was discussing the problem in his garage one day when Ken’s daughter came out feeding Ken’s granddaughter from a baby bottle. The bottle had a bag inside that collapsed as the baby drank the milk. As Ken’s daughter explained, bottles were hard to clean and the interior bag eliminated the task almost entirely. “That’s just what we need!” Ken said. The idea of water in a bag was born.

Ken invented a custom made water cooler dispenser. One that would spike the bags and dispense the water with an adaptor on the top of a standard bottle water cooler. As the system was proven and gradually accepted, it was time to increase production rate of bagging the water.

End user benefits:

  • The system is fast, easy and convenient to use.
  • The bags are lighter to handle
  • Easier to load
  • Easier to store
  • Takes up 1/2 the storage space
  • Eliminates pollution from environmental contamination on-site

Ken Nicolle has extensive experience in the water industry.

Over the last 27 years, Ken:

  • has built water bottling plants
  • sold water treatment systems for both residential and commercial industries
  • had the only reusable salt bag for water softeners that ever made it to market

Ken was the only one in Canadian history to achieve the mark of excellence award on the plant inspection by NSF – a main part of the bottled water association – with a mark of 97.5%.

Ken Nicolle has used the most advanced engineering technology, software and machining to create the most advanced packaging system on the market today.

Ken has patents on:

  • The bag in bag packaging system
  • The Premium chill water cooler that gives cold water in 30 seconds
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