Bagged Water Production

Looking Toward the Future

Premium chill challenges the water industry to eliminate the water Bottles used for decades to transport and dispense safe drinking water for home, office and industrial use by replacing the bottle with a bag.

The benefits are so numerous at every level customer conversion is inevitable.

We have a bagging machine that eliminates the need for the bottle and will change the water industry for the better all over the world. We have installations in Canada, Australia, Norway and New Zealand and will soon be in Europe and Asia.

The water bottles used on water coolers are cumbersome, expensive to manufacturer and difficult to maintain. They are as expensive to transport empty as they are full and they have to be refillable to recoup the initial costs from the manufacturer. When they get back to the bottler they need to be sanitized before being refilled.

Thousands of gallons of water is needed for cleaning and it goes right down the drain along with the pollutants used to clean the bottles. Storage at the bottlers and at the customers takes up thousands of square feet regardless if they are full or empty.

People use the bottles for all kinds of things from ashtrays to piggy banks before returning them to the bottler, creating a chance of contaminants surviving the cleaning process.

The removal of the water jug would reduce the industry eco-footprint in a very large way at the same time protecting the consumer from potentially contaminated water.

How we take it to market will also have an impact on how available fresh clean drinking water becomes and who it becomes available to.

The Whole Package - image
  • All machines are fully assembled and tested before shipping. Customer approval of the assembled machine will be made at the manufacturer’s plant when training is complete.

  • Manuals for heat sealing and troubleshooting will be provided as they become available at no additional charge. They will include: Manuals or video for starting new material, Manuals or video for making changes to the settings in the PLC. (Timers, heat settings and fill settings).



  • Shipping arrangements must be made at time of order.
  • Crating included for shipping to meet the standards of
    international shipping regulations.


Replacement parts and other considerations, required on an ongoing bases, will be provided for a fee. Such services include:

  • Parts (sealing tape, drive belts, sealing bands, etc.)
  • Machine setup and training