KN 3000 Liquid Packaging Machine Features

Machine Specifications

  • Double bagging
  • Fully automatic
  • Vertical form
  • Fill and seal
  • Custom designed and constructed from stainless steel

Appearance & Physical Traits

  • Custom designed and constructed
  • Two-inch 8020 square tube for durability and reliability
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Safety system, emergency stop button
  • Lexan shields shut machine down when door is opened for safety

Drive System

  • Material drive advance system with single phase water proof motors
  • Mechanical film unwind with auto brake and dancers on all material rolls

Electrical Equipment

  • Floor mount Cabinets with quick connect cables for electrical
  • Electrical Data: 220 volt, 30AMP 50/60 HZ. Single phase
  • Main disconnect power switch, located on control cabinet door
  • Auto stop if door opened
  • Bag/pouch counter included
  • Full pc 15 inch color touch screen
  • PC fully programmed with remote viewing and online access for remote service
The KN3000 Water Bagging machine

Pneumatic Equipment

  • All air cylinders with air cushion
  • All cylinders are SMC

Filling System

  • Controlled piston fill system comes
    with each bagging system

Note: water purification is not part of the KN3000’s purpose. Water sources can contain a wide variety of micro-organisms, minerals and contaminants that require specific water treatment to make it drinkable.

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