Why Package with Premium Chill?

  • The Bag in Bag packaging machine is ready to handle any liquid you need to package.
  • It ensures your liquid product is double protected with two bags instead of one.
  • The Bag in Bag packaging system makes an inner bag and outer bag. It places the inner bag inside the outer bag. The outer bag is complete with carrying handle making your liquid easy to transport.
  • All with one machine. It cost about $ 0.90 Canadian a day for electricity to run this machine.
  • Both inner and outer Bags are degradable. BPA free.
  • Unlike bottling that needs to take air in to get water out, the Bag in Bag system collapses which allows the water to come out. This helps eliminate the chance for bacterial growth in the cooler.
  • There are many reasons to package your liquid with the Bag in Bag packaging system. This machine makes three gallon bags with an outer carrying cover bag or two 1.5 gallon bags in the outer carrying bag with handle and you company info printed on the outer bag.

Bag Water Benefits:

  • Works with Premium Chill Water Cooler with the most advanced technology available
  • No deposit or returns
  • Air is not put inside the bag to release the water – ensures there is much less of a chance to contaminate the water inside the bag
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