Water cooler adapter

Bottle to Bag Adapter

To use your current bottled water cooler for the degradable, environmentally-friendly bag system, wash all the parts of the Adaptor in warm soapy water and rinse or put in dish washer. Then simply screw the food grade float on to the bottom of the Adaptor. Do not over tighten. All parts are food grade material. Place on the top of your water dispenser. Place the round disk in the bottom of Adaptor. Install bag.

Change from bottle to bag system in less than five minutes!

Hand Spike

Dispensing Spike

The Premium Chill bag water hand spike is designed for dispensing water directly from the bag. For example, when camping, at the beach, or wherever you need water. Keep some on hand for an emergency or a disaster. The hand spike punctures the bag and seals the opening around the spike to prevent leaks. The rugged construction makes this a tool portable and reusable. Bag water will last up three years. Store in a cool dry place and out of the sun light. Comes in three gallon bags or two five liters bag inside one outer storage bag. The inner and outer bag material is degradable, light weight, and ease to handle.

Counter top dispenser

Countertop Dispenser

The Premium chill Counter Top Eco-Water Dispenser is a great solution and space saver.

No bottle water cooler? No problem! We have a simple and inexpensive solution: our environmentally-friendly degradable Premium Chill bag water system! Our countertop patented spike system makes it simple to have clean fresh water at your fingertips. Simply remove the outer bag cover used for transporting cleanliness, and install the inner bag with the seamless side down. The bag will spike and seal all in one motion.

Esky device


Water on the go! Anytime you are away from home and need water, the ESKY has you covered. This five gallon insulated cooler takes care of your water needs. You can pre-chill the bag of water and simply place it in the cooler.

First, remove the degradable outer bag used for cleanliness when transporting the bag of water, then place the bag down into the container. Note the seamless bottom for the patented spike system. Should you not chill the bag of water beforehand, simply place some ice around the bag once installed inside the container.

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