How It Works

Bottle to Bag Adapter

To convert your current bottled water cooler simply add the Premium Chill adaptor

    • Cools water within 30 seconds of replacing the bag
    • Self-cleaning bottom load water cooler
    • Adaptor available (as shown in video) to convert any traditional water cooler to use the bag system
    • Energy efficient
    • Plastic bag is recyclable

Dispensing Spike

Designed specifically for water on the go! Perfect for travel, camping, keep one in your car for emergency use. Bagged water has a 3-year shelf life

Countertop Dispenser

A space saving solution! Slip the bag of water out of the sleeve, pop the inner bag of water, seamless side down into the countertop dispenser. The bag spike will seal all in one easy motion.

Bottom Load Cooler

The Premium Chill water cooler works with traditional and bagged water. This system only takes 30 seconds to fill and give you ice cold water right away. This cooling feature is unique to Premium Chill. The unit also has a built-in self-cleaning ozone purifier. It purifies the water every 15 minutes in the reservoir.”