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The water cooler that works best with the bag in bag packaging system is the Premium Chill Eco water cooler.

It looks like almost any other water cooler but inside there is a world of difference.

Once the reservoir full of water is cold you need not to wait for cold water again. Even when the bag, bottle and reservoir is emptied. Within 30 seconds after replacing the water supply you have cold water. This is a self-cleaning bottom load water cooler. It works with bag water or bottle water.

With stainless steel front.   With Black or White body side panels.

  • Cools more water faster
  • energy efficient
  • industrial use design
  • pollution free dispensing
  • Available in stainless steel front and Black or White body.

The big benefit of the bag system in industrial applications is that there is no air sucked in to let the water out. The bag simply deflates. This is the safest system ever invented. The bag material is degradable.

This system was designed to meet the needs of industry around the world but it’s inexpensive enough to be used for in home application as well.

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